This post will cover what I physically do in the practice of Christian meditation.

To be fully focused on God, I have found the following four things are necessary:

*Quiet.  Just . . . quiet.

*Solitude.  I intentionally remove myself from others to be fully present to God.  Note:  Times of meditation with others is possible and can be enriching, as long as the focus remains God-centered.

*Comfort.  I take care of any physical needs before I begin.  This reduces distractions and provides a peaceful experience.

*Time.  I decide how much time I plan to spend, then set an alarm.

Having met these needs, I begin.  Sitting, standing, lying face down, and kneeling, are all positions I have used.  I begin by praying something like this:  “Holy Spirit, I know that you are always present with me and that you indwell me.  Now I come to be present to you.  I give you myself and these moments.  I trust you for what you will do in my life.  You are my desire, and I am yours.”  Then, silence.

When my mind wanders, I refocus on one of the persons of the Trinity or repeat the prayer above.

When the alarm goes off, I thank God for our time together and that He desires to dwell among His people.