This will be the first in a series of posts sharing the benefits I have found from Christian meditation.

Perhaps the most important benefit is the shift that occurs in my relationship with God and my understanding of Him.

Coming to a time of quiet and meditation, my thoughts and words tend toward self-condemnation and judgment.  As I quiet myself and listen, however, His words of mercy and love override mine.  This reorienting allows me to find rest in His presence.  It is from this position of rest that my understanding of His faithfulness, love, and care embed themselves in my spirit, making me eager to hear His voice.  As a result, when He speaks to me about the things in my life that harm me, my relationship with Him, or with others, I am able to obey His leading without fear.  Sitting in His presence teaches me to trust His intentions for me.

This is the first of many reasons I continue spending time in solitude with the God of the Bible.