Because I schedule time with God first thing in the morning, it tends to be easy for me to quiet down quickly.  One morning recently however, my mind refused to cooperate, focusing instead on friends in difficult circumstances as well as things in my own life.  In addition, I had just awakened from a disturbing dream.

Though I tried quieting my thoughts, my mind continued to race.  Attempting to redeem the time, I decided to simply recall some of the things about God that inspire me.

I began with creation.  I remembered that from the foundation of the world, God knew I would be His child (and that I would be, at that moment, struggling to keep my focus on Him).  I then thought about God giving Moses instructions for building the tabernacle so He (God) could dwell among His people.  I thought about how His Presence led the Israelites through the desert for forty years, and how they learned to trust Him.

At this point, my mind was beginning to focus.  I remembered that Christ is Emanuel, God with us, and that after paying the penalty for sins, He ascended into heaven with the promise that He would send His Spirit to come and llive in the hearts of those who believed on Him.  Finally, I thought back to the moment I accepted Christ when God’s Spirit came to live in me.

My mind finally quieted.  The remaining moments were spent focused on the Spirit of God in and around me.  Ah, peace.