I came to my time of quiet that morning exhausted.  Disappointments and failures of the previous day, along with responsibilities of the day ahead jarred my thoughts like an orchestra warming up with its chaotic times and notes.

I tried forcing my mind to focus on God’s power, and His ability to “work all things for good” (Romans 8:28) in my circumstances.  But the moments ticked by and I experienced only a fleeting sense of His presence.

Then, like a cool evening breeze, the long-forgotten song from my childhood “O Love That Will Not Let Me go” silenced the chaos in my heart as I remembered the truth of the matter.  God’s love never lets me go.  He understands my weaknesses and failures, and never stops holding and loving me.  The song repeated in my head.  In the final moments of quietness I rested in His presence.

Leaving my time of quiet that day I was reminded that as much as I seek Him, He is seeking me.  He desires to provide what He alone knows my heart, mind, and soul needs.