“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee.”  Isaiah 26:3 KJV

Continuing the practice of sitting in silence, inviting the Holy Spirit’s presence, I notice my level of peace increasing.  This is a huge benefit of Christian meditation.

Prior to making meditation part of my life, I said I trusted God and enjoyed His peace – and I did, but mostly in the big things.  Things like being sure I would be in heaven when I died, and being confident that the blood of Christ was enough to cover all my sins.  Where I lacked peace was in the smaller, daily circumstances.  When life presented me with unavoidable demands that forced me to adjust what I had previously determined was God’s will for my life that day, or when my energy level did not measure up to the demands of the day, I did not have peace.  I thought that when I finally figured out how to make life run smoothly (meaning how I could fit everything into my day I thought God was asking me to do), I would finally have peace.

How has the practice of sitting quietly with God changed me?  Now when interruptions come I more easily hear and know His voice.  When a phone call takes longer than expected, or a sick family member or friend needs my attention, He reminds me that He controls my life and my circumstances, and that in this moment, I can trust Him with this circumstance.  As I hear His voice more clearly He guides me to know how much to do, and how much can be left undone, when to speak, and when to be silent.

As I sit in His presence and then throughout the day, He asks me to trust Him with the circumstance in front of me, and to thankfully see it as from His hand.

When I do this, I have peace.