Why do I continue the practice of Christian meditation?  In the silence, in the being-with-God time, He speaks to me at a heart-level.

For many years I experienced God’s love solely from head-knowledge.  Logic told me there was a God, and that through Jesus Christ He demonstrated His love for all mankind.  I knew that if He loved all mankind, He must also love me.

This was good information and was what I clung to for many years.  Yet during those years I don’t ever remember feeling like God’s especially loved daughter.

When I spend time with God in silence, as if in layers, His love becomes real to my heart.  When my intention is to listen to His silence and His voice, His Spirit shows me how His love for me is specific and unique.

Knowing I am loved by God in this one-on-one kind of way alters how I view life and how I walk through my days.  This love permeates my heart, transforms my life, and makes my relationship with Him more complete than it has ever been.