Since beginning the remodel of our house I’ve made many decisions.  The most important decision was which contractor to hire, then came decisions about tile, granite, mirrors, light fixtures, wall and carpet color, and the list goes on.  It all feels pretty weighty because once these items are purchased and installed we will be living with them for a long time.

In the midst of our remodeling chaos, I am reminded of another weighty decision I made some years ago that has allowed me to remain enthusiastic in spite of the dust and confusion.  That decision was to become a Sabbath-keeper.

How has Sabbath keeping helped me get through my house remodel?

*It helps me tolerate the noise and confusion because I know that there will soon be a day of peace and quiet.

*On the Sabbath I can sleep in a bit.

*On the Sabbath I can take a leisurely nap without the interruption of pounding, sawing, and the worker’s music choices.

*It is the  one day I do not need to make any weighty decisions – I can simply be.

*On the Sabbath more than any other day I rest in the knowledge that God is in charge, that I don’t have to control everything, and that no matter what hapens, I can trust Him.

*Because I’ve spent the Sabbath in rest and quiet I am able to face the new week with optimism and energy.

*Most importantly, I get to spend my day focused on God and His presence in my life.  Because of the time spent with Him, His Spirit strengthens my entire being.

While I’m happy with my remodeling choices, I’m even happier with my choice to be a Sabbath keeper.  It adds adds value to every moment of my life, and now it is helping me through a house remodel.